Team Poggio
New Feature

Computed Properties

AUTHOR: Team Poggio

What are they?

A new type of managed property with values based on other properties or data. This initial release includes two calculated properties:

  • Last Contact At: date of the last inbound or outbound communication with an account or contact (through Gmail, Slack, or Intercom).

  • Last Activity At: date of the last change to an account or contact (updating properties or adding notes) or the latest communication (whichever is more recent).

These properties are calculated at both the contact level and the associated account level.

How do I use them?

These new properties can be used to answer critical questions, such as:

  • What accounts have we talked to this month?

  • What contacts haven't we talked to recently that have open tickets?

Use them in filters to order lists and create collections based on recency of interaction. Let us know what computed properties you'd like to see next!

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